Cheque Imaging

cheque imagingThe introduction of an accelerated cheque clearing service, based on the transfer of images and data, scheduled to be launched in the UK in October 2017, provides banks, building societies, corporates, SME’s and personal cheque users with the opportunity to apply proven image-based technology to their cheque deposits.

The TALL Group is at the forefront of this cheque scanning or cheque imaging initiative, enabling existing and new customers to fully understand, and then implement the relevant software application and cheque scanning hardware to take full advantage of the reduced clearing cycle and remote deposit capture facilities made available by their bank.

Banking Assistant is a cheque and cash deposit management system that supports customers receiving cheque payments, (and wishing to deposit cheques remotely, once the customer’s bank implements image based cheque clearing later in 2017, or early part of 2018 depending on the individual bank or building society).

It combines a desktop cheque scanner to capture the image and details from the cheques with comprehensive software that uses this data to:

  • Create and balance your batch for banking
  • Generate a searchable archive of cheque data and images for the cheque scanner

With three levels of software and three cheque scanning options available you can create a Checkprint Banking Assistant system that suits your specific business requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Comply with regulation
  • Speed up banking process
  • Quickly resolve queries on deposits & retrieve images
  • Improve accuracy of banking
  • Scaleable to suit your requirements


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